If I was rich and powerful.

If I were rich and powerful, and given the choice to leave this place, I would not.  While I make no excuses that being rich and powerful are somehow beyond my control, and unachievable, I would not leave.  Would I keep the blankets hanging in the doorway to block the cold air, or the sleeping bag adorning the laundry room entry fighting the chill?  No.. I would hire someone to come in, and insulate this house, re-do the entry way and laundry thus keeping the cold out of the living areas.  

I would probably also employ them to fix the basement entrance, and the front porch, build shelving, shovel driveways, and mow the lawn.  Or maybe I would not.  Maybe I would learn from this person all that I need to know, so I could build my own shelves, fix our own porch, or flop stairs around to a basement entrance. Because really….Its not the money, or the power that are the prize.. Its becoming a person of such value that you are worth any amount of money, becoming a person of such character that power isn’t what defines you.  Becoming who you were born to be.  

How do we discover who we were born to become?  

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One Response to If I was rich and powerful.

  1. Tina Kilibarda says:

    Oh if we only knew…I doubt I was meant to clean people houses but I make the best of it and I am grateful for the friendships (and money) I have made. I too have blankets on my windows and doors and an unfinished basement but fixing either of them has just never been a priority. Maybe when I am a grown up I will do it;)

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