When farming just isn’t enough.

When farming just isn't enough.

As many of you know I have personally partnered with an amazing company, in the hopes that I soon will be able to work exclusively from home. That being said, I have put in my resignation at the co-op and will be working on training my replacement until the end of February. Then I am HERE!!

I realized a while ago, that expecting to earn a good (if not great) income by farming isn’t really feasible. Unless the general population changes their spending habits and uses more money on food then they do on say.. T.V., eating out, recreation, alcohol, cigarettes, etc…

So instead of expecting the impossible I devised a way of earning a residual income while living my passion. My first step was to find a company that I believed in ethically, and offered an amazing product that truly changed peoples lives. -accomplished

My second step was (and still is) to take myself on a journey of self discovery and personal growth. To LEARN as I EARN!! -accomplished

My third step is to SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS who may be finding themselves in the same position. While I was certainly terrified to take these steps (in a sense), I realized that becoming a better me, truly is a worthwhile journey! So here I am.. Sharing with YOU!

The product I am holding is my PICK OF THE YEAR. It has CHANGED MY LIFE! Helping me eliminate my symptoms of Lymes disease by boosting my immune system, de-stressing my body and mind, giving me much needed IRON, and organic herbs! This juice truly is SUPREME!

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3 Responses to When farming just isn’t enough.

  1. Tanya says:

    Congrats on the farm and figuring out a way to use multiple streams of income to fund your dream and your lifestyle!!! So excited for you!

  2. Congratulations Jessie! Tara and I just Love Mary and Mark and it is wonderful that you’re their teammate! Happy New Year!

  3. dakotaalice says:

    Awesome Jessy! It’s fun to follow your journey! Best of luck on your adventure: )

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