Life and Death on the farm.

Life and Death on the farm.

We had a successful butchering here last week on Friday, later that night one of our second generation sows had her first batch of babies!! 7 healthy happy babes! We will be selling them as feeder pigs in a few weeks, then the last two sows from that generation will be slaughtered. Petunia was among the three butchered last week, and we have gifted her head to a another area farm for head cheese, I have one more head going to one of our customers, and one for ourselves! (I am a little freaked out by the task, but will commit to roasting it whole!) We saved the hearts, livers, and tails. I cooked the tails down into a stock, the hearts we ate in several different dishes, and the POUNDS of liver I just baked, and froze until I decide what to do with them! Next time I will slice and freeze them raw. We are in the process of finishing up the electric fence so we can move the pigs out to pasture. The constant rain, and swarms of mosquitos have made this process PAINFULLY SLOW!! We have all of our meat birds out on pasture in chicken tractors, and we will be adding the last tractor to the procession tonight! Our layers haven’t started laying yet, but I am thinking they will VERY SOON!

I learned from another local farmer how to slaughter, skin, and gut a meat rabbit and I am happy to say we will be adding them to our farm very soon!

So much happening, so little time to post!! 🙂

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