Canning season!!

IMG_1653IMG_1762IMG_1814What a crazy summer it has been! Now that we are done moving meat birds twice a day in 3 different tractors, pigs are butchered, and September is calling, there is a GLIMMER of hope that things will start to slow down a bit! I have been pickling and canning these last few weeks, but even that will be slowing down soon!

There was:
Spicy pickled green beans (DELICIOUS!!)
Spicy sliced cucumber pickle coins (good flavor, but need to harvest cukes earlier)
Wedge dill pickles (WAYYYY TO TART.. Must adjust the vinegar/water ratio)
Canned tomatoes (broke my first two jars fresh packing.. Now hot packing and its working!)

and now looking for a way to preserve our little cherry tomatoes and all the apples that are falling from the sky!!

Thinking apple butter, apple juice, and apple syrup!!

This is my first year EVER canning ANYTHING.. So it has been at moments terrifying and other moments exhilarating! Knowing that in January we will have these items from our garden/land to enjoy is very gratifying!

Let me see if I can find any pictures to include!!

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