January 3 2015. Snowy Day

Good afternoon!  I have been struggling to find the inspiration to blog about our farm this fall, and I am hoping with the new year to turn over a new leaf.  I fear that our daily farming life is boring to most, since really not much happens!  But I bet that what I find dull, most people would be fascinated with!  So HERE IT GOES!  First things first!  In October we were lucky enough to be gifted Two Doe rex mix rabbits and One Buck Rex Mix.  We were SO excited to breed them to be raised for their meat!  Our buck we named Ziggy, our older Doe, Stardust, and the younger doe (only recently became of breeding age) Arya.   We immediately put Ziggy and Stardust together and BOOM BABIES were born!!  10374441_10205619276744289_6582663717151887003_n1378821_10205619276704288_359644171396367035_n

Stardust gave birth to 7 healthy and EXTREMELY cute babies!  I was noticing that one of the babies is MUCH smaller than the rest, and a very keen young woman was over and enlightened me to the fact that bunnies have TWO uteruses.  So they can give birth to multiple litters up to a week apart!  So I am guessing that the tiny baby might actually be a week younger than its siblings!

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