Is it farm, is it country, is it primitive, is it okay??


Remodeling a old farm home comes with its bulk of challenges, and occasionally little happy surprises!!  I was planning on ripping out this whole unit, and replacing it with a newer (1950’s) model.  But a moment of nostalgia brought me a couple cans of paint and an idea instead.  So I painted.. And PAINTED.. And painted!!  I removed doors, filled holes, sanded and PAINTED some more.  And…….  I HATED IT!!  I was so upset. My dreams were dashed, and my vision went BUST!!

I decided to then start from SCRATCH..  So.. out come the power tools and with a WHOLE lot of elbow grease, and some bruised knees (and butt… but thats a different story)  I sanded YEARS of layers of paint off the top and bottom of this unit!

Wait for it…. AND WE LOVE IT!!  It is weird, kinda creepy and will fit in PERFECTLY with the vision we have for the kitchen!!  That my friends I will leave for another day!!  I told Christian, if its only 6 x 8 feet at a time, we will EVENTUALLY get this house the way we want it!!  ❤


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