Being stir crazy….2/4/15

WINTER MUST END… If we are not going to get any snow, it might as well be summer!!  We have placed our seed order and are getting prepared to start seedlings!  We have fodder growing for our chickens, rabbits, and pigs.  We also just purchased a NEW TO US rabbit hutch with four LARGE compartments with detachable nest boxes!!  It is going to make an EXCELLENT addition to our growing rabbit herd!

All of our late summer hatchlings are now laying eggs!!  Our production has gone up quite a bit since I butchered a couple roosters last friday!  The poor hens couldn’t get a moment of peace!  I plan to butcher a couple more roosters on Sunday, thus culling all our extras!  Then we will have the proper number of roosters in our flock!

Rooster butchering

Rooster butchering

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