Its THAT time of year again!!  We couldn’t be more excited!  Spring is HERE, and things are HAPPENING once again on the farm!!

Freedom Ranger Chicks.

Freedom Ranger Chicks.

Our first batch of meat birds arrived on Friday March 20th!  What a event to kick off Spring in STYLE!!  These babies will soon grow to a nice butchering weight of 4-7 lbs, and will do FANTASTIC on pasture!  We are SUPER excited to get them outside, but not until our nights are a bit warmer!!

Our little Aryia is expecting her first litter of KITS!



Random tidbit of the day… When rabbits have their babies, it is called Kindling..  And the babies are called KITS..  🙂

Our last batch of babies have been butchered, skinned, and now I am in the process of tanning the hides!!!  Here is the project I am working on with the hides I have finished!!


So far SO GOOD!!!  🙂  We will be butchering a couple pigs in the next week or so, then fattening up the last 3 for butchering!!  Then it’s time to bring the boar home to breed our sows again!!  The circle continues!!

Give us a call to reserve your meat birds, your rabbit meat or skins, or piglets for fall!!


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