Birds are on ORDER!!

Rain rain GO AWAY!!!  I have baby chicks to move!!  I am SO excited to have our birds finally on order!!  We are raising heritage breed males this year as meat birds!  I have our first batch of layers ready to go outside, to free up the brooder.. Now if only the RAIN would STOP so I can get their fencing up!!   

Meat birds will be available for purchase with a down payment of 3.50$ per bird.  We only have 100 to go around!  


Guinea keets are on order TOO, to help with TICK control!!  

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Farm Friends!!


No farm is complete without its cast of resident characters!!  Here is a sneak peak at a few of ours!  

Blixa: one of our feline pest control experts!!  He likes long walks at night, meowing at his empty food dish, and enjoys a good long sauna with his mom and dad.  

Yolandi Jean: Brought to our farm as a foster, now enjoying her forever home.  Yolandi enjoys sleeping with mom, hanging out with mom, riding in the truck with mom, feeding pigs with mom, pretty much likes anything.. As long as it is with mom!!  (also, just wants Roo to notice that she is here) I think she is in LOVE with him!!  😉 



Roo:  Or Rucifer Maximus Claymore.  What can be said about Roo?  He loves harassing the neighbors dogs.  Likes to play chase.  Enjoys taking himself on long walks.  Tolerates mom taking him on walks.  Likes being the boss!!  


Matilda the Hunn:  Mattie (at 13 years old) loves sleeping, slow walks, chasing Roo as he chases squirrels, watching Roo and Yolandi wrestle.  She LOVES growling at Yolandi when she tries to get too close when Mattie is trying to sleep.    She also LOVES her daily dollop of coconut oil!!!  


Legend:  AKA, The King…  Well, he THINKS HE IS at least!!  Blixa’s brother from a different mother. Legend came to us by way of HART.  He enjoys snuggling, looking cute, stalking the occasional mouse, vole, or other vermin.  Enjoys long walks in HIGH places.. Trees, Roof tops, and the pig fencing in the barn. He could try out for the circus as a professional percher!!  


Not pictured: Twilight.   He was probably gone chasing something as he usually is…  🙂  


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The simplicity of a wintery day.

Like most days, with the snow blowing around and around, and the temps falling, I bundle up in my WAY TO HUGE army print winter parka, barn boots, two pairs of pants, and a heavy pair of gloves for morning chores.  I carry with me two full, and very oragne 5 gallon buckets of water from the house (we have no outside water…YET) to fill the pigs watering bin.   I make it to the door, only being run into once by the dogs today causing water to slosh and spill into one of my boots. (typical)  I get to the door, put the buckets down, unlock, open, and step sideways VERY CAREFULLY one bucket at at time to avoid slipping on the ice pack that has formed into a someone terrifying SLIDE.  Once I have successfully entered the barn, I can here the peeping of 16 very feisty baby chicks that are growing into our laying hens, and the gentle snoring of pigs.. LOTS of PIGS!!  Well, lots by our standards!  15 to be precise!  Some are little babies fast approaching 8 weeks old, and will be shuffled off to their waiting farms.  One is little Silver Pig, NOT SO LITTLE ANYMORE!! She must be pushing 75 pounds!!  The 4 juveniles that will be butchered soon, Neko and Petunia..  Once they hear me put the water buckets down, the wake with BARKS…

Yes, pigs bark, and start to climb out of their nest.  Then the SQUEALING BEGINS.. A chorus of noises from the big to the small all in anticipation of breakfast!!  I scoop some whole kernel corn and bring it out to their outside pen, and toss it in, so I don’t get TRAMPLED when I climb in to feed them! Some fall for the trick, and start nosing and eating the corn.  But Neko knows better!!  😉  She waits so she can get first pick of what trays she will hoard for her breakfast ritual.  Which is, Get into a fight with Petunia over what tray has better food, finally succumb that Petunia is bigger, and accept that the second best tray is A-okay.  She then tosses piglets out of her way and out of her food tray.. Its quite comical!  They play rotating trays, each pig eating out of each tray at least a few times, until they settle in for the remainder of breakfast.  The babies darting here and there, trying to stay out of the way of the big pigs, and sneaking bites as often as they can.  (luckily they are still nursing, so no worries about them getting enough to eat!)  

I then clean and fill their waterer, give them a bit of fresh hay to much on during the rest of the morning, and straw for bedding.  It is a life of luxury and happiness!!  

Some day I will try to video this dance,  I do this twice a day, and today I totally got STEPPED on by Petunia.. Nothing feels better than a 700lb pig planting her full weight on the bony top of your foot, with only your rubber boot in-between her hoof and your skin.  

Wait.. I take that back.. I was once stepped on by a full grown cow, and broke my toe..  That was worse!!  🙂  

The glamorous life of farming!!!  I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!!  Image

Petunia.. and Andy the rooster.  


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Why I choose to farm, and choose to use Isagenix products!

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First day of SPRING!!

And if this is a sign of what is to come, I am SOOO looking forward to the next days/months!!  Image


P.S. Petunia is still alive and well… Our second attempt at butchering her was just as unsuccessful as the first!  We are going to try again after the snow is melted, and the abattoir can get his truck down to the barn!  



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Last day of Winter 2014..

Not sure if I really believe that winter is over!  Although, the snow storm that rolled through MN yesterday and last night only dusted us with less than an inch of white stuff!!  That, I am thankful for!!  Petunia’s butcher date has been moved to this evening.  Our barn doors, and gates were so frozen into place, that only some major ice chipping action (thank you Christian) freed the door.  The abattoir will be here at 5:30.  I will be heading into town to move some heavy pieces of iron and cry.  I think I will be okay.  

The babies are doing well, and the baby chicks we purchased are healthy and growing!  I am excited to order a second batch of Buff Orpingtons from our young friend to add to the flock!  We will be HEAVILY in eggs by the end of summer and I cannot WAIT!!  Pound cakes GALORE!!  

I created an interesting but tasty dressing for a Tabouli salad yesterday.  I used: (approximate amounts) 1 and a half lemons juiced, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup hemp oil, 1.5 tablespoons turmeric, 1 tablespoon sea salt,  1/4 teaspoon crushed peppercorns, 1/4 raw honey.   Whisked together until the honey was properly dissolved and added 2 chopped carrots, 2 stalks celery diced, 1 cucumber skinned and diced, 1 green pepper diced, and 4 cups cooked bulgur wheat.  

Pretty stinking good!!  Christian even said so! To make gluten free, just sub rice, quinoa, amaranth, or millet!  Farro would be delicious too!!  


Here is a nice shot of me and our new foster dog Kelani!  She is available for adoption through Image

Kelani is about 20 pounds, sweet as can be, gets along with other dogs cats, and LOVES TO SNUGGLE IN BED AT NIGHT!!  At only 6 months old, she is nearly fully potty trained, and will find her way into your hearts SUPER FAST!!  

Happy last day of WINTER!! 


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WE are OUT Of MEAT!! So.. The day has come. Tomorrow Petunia will be butchered, as well as our little boar Ian. We were hoping to sell Ian as a breeder, but there has been no interest. He is starting to show interest in his sisters, and clearly that is NOT okay!! So we have chosen to butcher him young. We have someone who is interested in the meat, and that is GREAT!

Seeing Petunia go will be hard. She has been in my life for 2 years, and is a pet and a friend. But her back leg that was broken when she was little is getting weaker and weaker, and it is time to let her go. She gave us little silver pig, who we will keep and breed to honor her contribution to our farm. She is the one who started it all.

Without Petunia, we never would have bought this farm, moved, and made the commitment to raise LOCAL QUALITY food for others! We are proud of this achievement!

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